Audience First

You struggle to answer a seemingly simple question: who is your audience? You come up with answers like: “everybody in country/region X”, “all citizens”, “the general public” or “people between 25 and 65”.

We’ve got these answers from hundreds of journalists across the world. It worked back in the day when mass media had a monopoly. In this digital street battle for attention, it’s not enough anymore. An important key to a solution in building a thriving and successful news organization lies with your audience. Your user. But how do you do that?

We can help you with:

  • Insights & Strategy – We unearth insights based on analytics, data and interviews.
  • Audience First Workshop for your Newsroom – Get a better understanding how your audience is and how it can work for your stories.
  • New Opportunities – You wonder: are there audiences you are not reaching yet, but are very relevant to you? You bet there are.

Get a FREE strategy session:

We give away 5 free strategy sessions ‘5 tips for an audience first approach in your newsroom’.*

Why? Free? For real..? Too be completely honest, it’s interesting from a business perspective. Many became a client after a session. But there’s another reason: it’s our mission to improve journalism. You do important work and we need to make sure your stories reach your audience and make an impact. So, if you just do the free session and apply the learnings at your newsroom we are more than happy to make time for you.

Who? This is especially catered to editors in chiefs, newsroom managers, directors or journalists with a leading role in their organization.

What? 45 minute session, online or by phone.

*How? At the moment, there’s no availability for a free session. All of them are already booked. Do you want a spot on the waiting list? Please send a mail to tothemoon@hackastory.com.

“Before this workshop we used to create articles for everybody. The result: our stories matched with nobody. Now we have a better focus on who our user is and what their needs are.” – Annelies de Bakker – Delft University of Technology

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“This was an eye opener for me. You can use ‘Audience First’ not only on a strategic level for your newsroom, but also for your stories. All of the sudden can you make very clear choices on format and distribution.” – Johan Boef – EenVandaag

“We always make fun of the younger generation not being interested in journalism, but they are our future audience. We need to find ways to reach them to thrive in the future. Hackastory gave me the tools and mindset to do it.” – Fleur Verwer – Mobile Journalist at RTV Oost