We are an innovation agency, specialized in journalism. We are building future-proof newsrooms across the world with a team of journalists, strategists, designers and newsroom developers. We help news organizations with strategy, audience engagement and workflow.

Meet the family

Albertine Piels

Director of Hackastory

Nienke Huitenga


Alka Anna Goos


Cas Cornelissen

Front-end developer

Hay Kranen

Newsroom developer

Sander Stallinga

Advisory board

Crazy rollercoaster ride

We’re on a crazy rollercoaster ride. In 2015, on a Saturday afternoon in a bar, we built a simple website. Within days dozens of media professionals signed up and there were hundreds of hits on our site. It was only the beginning. A few months later The Guardian wrote an article about our approach to build the future of journalism, our community was growing on four continents and we were creating projects with media companies from around the world.

A business mentor once said: "You know when your idea catches fire." He was right.