You want the best for your team and have confidence in the future of journalism. You’re ready to grow and make your newsroom a front runner in your journalistic niche. Working together with lots of fun and energy is your thing and you’re open-minded to discover the possibilities this digital world has to offer. Then this program fits you!

Mail to tothemoon@hackastory.com for personal contact with one of our experts. Ask them all your questions, tell them your challenges and learn more about what we can do for you.

We have clients around the world and quite a few of them are in closed societies. They – just like us – believe in the importance and fundamental role of journalism. To be a journalist in Sudan, Venezuela and Jordan is not always easy: some live in exile, almost all of them received threats. So, it’s important to keep you and them save. For that reason, your privacy is important to us and we collect only the bare minimum.