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In this digital era, the world is changing at rocket speed. You must cope with hundreds of first-time situations. One thing is certain: novelty is the new normal. It’s more important than ever before for journalists to embrace digital technology and possibilities. We can help you with that.

We are an innovation agency specialized in journalism. And we’ve worked with thousands of professionals in journalism and dozens of news organizations around the world. Let’s go on an expedition together: we’ll help you transform big problems into concrete solutions, provide training and out-of-the-box kits, give you a variety of resources and tools to create digital stories, we do journalism hackathons, and help you build and deliver creative and technical projects.

Arrange your expedition: tothemoon@hackastory.com

Buckle up, sit tight!

You have the power to change journalism. Our method kit will ignite those capabilities.

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Hacking journalism around the world

  • From ideation to concrete and creative plans in a day. It’s refreshing and mind-blowing what can be done in short time.

    RTL Nieuws — The Netherlands

  • You can feel your mind expanding as you’re working on your new product. It’s impressive to see and idea become reality. Within 48 hours we had a validated and tested digital prototype.

    Nuba Reports — Sudan

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