Let's create impact with digital storytelling

Do you recognize this...

  • “I love to make beautiful digital stories, but even though I work 10 to 14 hours per day I feel I don’t have enough time.”
  • “Constantly I hear about ‘online first’, but when it comes down to it the printed newspaper (or broadcast) gets priority.”
  • “The average age of our audience is rising. If we are honest with ourselves: our audience is dying, pretty fast.”
  • “I can not keep up with all these technological developments. I want to, but have the feeling I can’t.”

The past years we worked with newsrooms from dozens countries on 4 continents. We helped literally thousands of journalists and these are just a couple of stories you told us. Yes, in this digital world there are a few challenges. We believe that with the right skills, knowledge, strategy and mindset it’s possible for every newsroom to lower the workload, offer more quality journalism and have more impact with your digital stories.

Hacking journalism around the world

  • From ideation to concrete and creative plans in a day. It’s refreshing and mind-blowing what can be done in short time.

    RTL Nieuws — The Netherlands

  • You can feel your mind expanding as you’re working on your new product. It’s impressive to see and idea become reality. Within 48 hours we had a validated and tested digital prototype.

    Nuba Reports — Sudan