Play to Change Journalism

With Hackastory we bring people in the media industry together to come up with new ideas, formats and products to improve digital journalism. The Hackastory hackathons are multi-disciplinary collaborations on journalism innovation. It’s a pressure cooker where you develop new concepts at rocket speed and at the same time you will develop new skills, mindset and methodology
to execute innovative ideas.

Feel the vibe:

For example, we were in Prague and worked together with media companies from Indonesia, Malaysia, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Brazil, Peru, Zimbabwe and South Africa to find solutions to our challenges in the media industry.

Projects made:

We created dozens of projects and hundreds of concepts. These prototypese are a few examples of what can be made at one of our hackathons. All were build within 2,5 days.

I feel more confident in my job, which often entails developing entirely new things. The method not only showed me some techniques for brainstorming but also taught me that I can think out of the box.” – Fabian Foppel – freelance journalist (GE)

Do you want to innovate?

Get in touch for more detailed information on results and program. Our in house-programs are tailored to your needs. Please send a mail to  tothemoon@hackastory.com and go on this expedition together.