Hackastory started with hackathons. Nerdy stuff that was never seen in journalism before. Let me tell you a secret: you don’t have to have nerd skills to flourish during a hackathon. Journalists, designers, and programmers from all over the world took part and went above and beyond. They were on a rollercoaster for two to three days straight that always ended with an adrenaline rush. AND WE’RE GONNA DO IT AGAIN!

In 2023 we want to explore a new territory: the metaverse. Are you interested in a metaverse challenge? Do you want to create amazing prototypes for journalism in this new digital world? Then you should fill in the form to keep posted.

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Inhouse Hackathon

Most of the hackathons we’ve thrown were on-demand. Do you have a challenge that requires original solutions in a short time? A hackathon could definitely be the answer. Shoot us an email at tothemoon@hackastory.comĀ to explore the possibilities. You can also browse some of the hackathon results.