Best multimedia tools for journalists

Is the majority of your articles text based? That’s fine, but it can be a bit dull. Multimedia tools make it possible to add interactive content and visualize information in a more interesting format. It’s popular, at least with our visitors. They love the Multimedia category on Tools.Hackastory.com the most.


We recently added some new tools to our database. Slices.co is recently launched by a Dutch company. With Slices you can make mobile multimedia stories. It’s easy to use and free. Creating a story takes just some simple steps: add a cover, slice your story, add images, video and sound and embed or share your story. Two Dutch newspapers are already experimenting with this tool. Check out a story by Trouw (in Dutch).

Adobe Spark 

Since the launch of our site Spark has been on our favorites list. It’s an easy to use tool for building a one-pager. Simply add pictures and videos and change the design. You can also make animated videos and social graphics. This tool is completely free.

Microsoft Sway 

Do you want the possibility to embed other media in your multimedia story? Unfortunately, Adobe Spark doesn’t support this. Luckily we have a good alternative: Sway. You can upload and embed video, text, audio, even Tweets. Just like Spark, you can easily embed the created story on your own website.


Thinglink has been around for years, but it’s still one of our favorites. Why? With just a few clicks you can create an interactive picture (free), video or VR-production (paid). In every production, you can add different call-to-action buttons.

Watch this video to learn how to Thinglink.

Duckling (iOs) and Steller (Android)

Want to tell a multimedia story on social media? Duckling is an app which allows you to make micro stories with social media files. You can turn them in a collective narrative and share them with your audience. This tool is only available for iOs-users. Looking for a similar app for Android? Steller is a tool for Android and it works according to the same format.

Watch this example with Steller from The Guardian.


Journalists who want to make a multimedia story in WordPress have even more possibilities. In our category Plugin we added some tools to make multimedia stories with this CMS. Our favorite one is the plugin Snowball. This tool makes it possible to create immersive articles with a user-friendly interface.

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