10 inspirational animated explainer videos made by news media

Engage your public with interactive content. Isn’t that what we all want? Nowadays you don’t need coding skills to make animated explainer videos. With the right tool, you can explain difficult concepts and share it with your audience so they can understand the world around them. We already made a list of the best explainer tools and a guide on how to get started. In this blog, we share our favorite inspirational examples from news media around the world.

De Correspondent – Why climate activists are so impatient in 3 graphics

The Guardian – What are the Paradise Papers?

Al Jazeera English – 5 filters of the mass media machine

The Washington Post – How marijuana legalization in Washington, Colorado and Oregon is working out so far

Vice – Know your rights

In 5 animated videos Vice makes the user aware of his rights in different scenarios.

NOS op 3 – If you think Facebook is bugging you.


The Guardian –International Day of the Girl: how inequality starts before birth

Al Jazeera English – Karachi’s water crisis


The independent –Consent is as simple as a cup of tea

PragerU – Brexit: Why Britain Left the European Union

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