Update: best tools for journalists to make amazing infographics

Last year we launched our blog with the best tools for journalists to make infographics. It helps you to easily create the most amazing infographics. Probably there was a whole new world opening for you. However the field is dynamic and there are more and more tools with surprising possibilities which get our hearts racing. We like to take this opportunity to mention some of those new tools in this category.


Flourish.studio doesn’t really fit in the format ‘infographic’. With this tool you create more than just a simple graphic. Turn spreadsheets into stunning online charts and maps or combine them into one infographic or interactive story. It’s possible to make simple graphics but Flourish also allows you to make complex data visualizations. There’s a free and paid version.

The examples from the Business Insider en de El Pais show you the endless possibilities of this tool. 


Also new to our list is the tool Canva. The advantage of this tool compared to others is the simplicity. It allows you to design professional presentations, social media graphics and more. You can easily drag and drop photos into a lay-out. Canva is very helpful for journalists who need a quick and simple graphic. The tool offers some free templates and is completely free.

Infographic tools

Are you searching for more tools to make beautiful infographics? You can find a list with tools in the category infographic on our website tools.hackastory.com Need more information? In this article you can read about the tools Piktochart, Venngage, Infogr.am and LocalFocus.

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