Hackastory method kit

Innovate or die!

Can you adapt yourself to an ever changing world? Is it possible to sustain the important position that journalism has fulfilled since the digital revolution? We strongly believe that you can.

With our Hackastory method kit you will be able to focus on the needs of your target audience and find the barriers and motivators in their lives. You’ll learn how to do a productive Brainstorm and learn to Design, Prototype and Test your concepts.

After working with thousands of media professionals across the world and researching design methods we develop our Hackastory’s Method Kit – a collection of exercises and tools to innovate.

A sneak peek:
Would you like to see a preview to our kit? Please download our pdf with three exercises.

Do you want to start innovating? Get a set:
1 set: 99 euro*
2 sets: 10% discount*
10 sets or more: 25% discount*

*Send a message to kit@hackastory.com. We need your (company) name, address and – if applicable – your tax number. Price is without shipping costs.