40 best digital stories of 2017

Hackastory selected the 40 best digital stories of 2017. We listed the interactives, graphics, longreads, newsgames, and data visualizations that made an impression. Let it inspire you and learn from these projects to make 2018 the most innovative year in journalism. Special thanks to Daan Louter, Jerry Vermanen and the Hackastory network for their contribution.

Newsgames and quizzes

Uber Game – The Financial Times

Can a robot do your job? – The Financial Times

The evolution of trust – Nicky Case

Will robots take my job?  – The Financial Times

I’m your man  – SBS



Beyond standing rock Inside Energy (in collaboration with Rocky Mountain PBS and Fast Forward Films

Here’s how ‘Obamacare’ covered Americans with pre-existing conditions – The Guardian

Hyphen-Nation – The New York Times

Beyond the blade, marking the death of every child and teen by a knife in 2017 – The Guardian

Missing flight MH370: a visual guide to the parts and debris found so far – The Guardian

Did the Turkish president’s security detail attack protesters in Washington? – The New York Times

 The Wall: an in-depth examination of Donald Trump’s border wall – USA Today

 Life in camps: The Rohingya crisis – Reuters Graphics

Very very short – NFB and ARTE, in collaboration with the IDFA DocLab.

Who should I vote for? The UK election manifestos compared – The Guardian 

Art project for train passengers ‘bewegtes land’- video by DW English. 





Escape Time – The Washington Post

The Year in Push Alerts: How breaking news became our lives – Slate

Police are more likely to shoot if you’re black – Tampa Bay Times

Defeating ISIL – Al Jazeera

The unlikely odds of making it big – The Pudding

Are pop lyrics getting more repetitive? – The Pudding

 Three years after 43 students disappeared in Mexico – The Intercept

The science of hummingbirds – National Geographics

Houston’s wild west growth – The Washington Post

Miles of ice collapsing into the sea – The New York Times

Interactive map exploring US-mexico border – USA Today

 It’s not so isisteam project supervised by Density Design Lab.

 The words that are ‘most hip hop’ – The Pudding

How do you draw a circle? – Quartz


Other language


Climate problems – Volkskrant

Dataproduction about the most populair local policeman – KRO-NCRV

Newsgame about fake news – Slecht Nieuws

How strong are the dikes? – NOS op 3

Interactive map about drug networks in the Netherlands – VPRO and Submarine


The big pharma project, available in English – Ojo Publico

Newsgame, play the president of Ecuador – Ecudorian news magazine


 What cameras can read from your face – The Berliner Morgenpost

Interactive map about the elections in Berlin – The Berliner Morgenpost


Help the police solve the mystery of a missing woman – Het Nieuwsblad

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