Vink – Hollands Diep

Vink is an app in which you can receive poems from and send poems to your friends.

Using Vink you get in touch with poems you haven’t encountered before. You get the opportunity to send these poems forward. All the poems are readable temporarily and every single one you send forward, disappears from your own library. So no hasty but urgent and thought through sharing.

Vink offers a carrousel of poems adding you two new copies each day. These poems, which are only available temporarily, are sharable with friends, in which you lose the property of them your own. Of course, you can receive poems the same way. Vink, in other words, is a hectic-playful real-time poetry club with all your friends at once. Maybe even with friends of friends, ‘cause who knows where the poem originates from.

Wietse Neven: Developer & overall technique
Nienke Huitenga: Strategist, professional brainstormer
Elco Lenstra: Editor, amateur brainstormer
Roelof ten Napel: Author, amateur brainstormer