The Seattle Times’s newsletter strategy drives subcribers

The Seattle Times took an analytics-driven approach to expanding its newsletters. To take the paper to the next level, the newsroom looked at its newsletters from a cross-departmental business perspective and adapted its offer accordingly.

The Seattle Times puts its audience first and meets its readers’ needs. The paper has been tweaking factors of existing newsletters, creating new ones and letting go of old ones, all in order to draw readers in and turn them into paying subscribers.

The newsroom’s immediate next goal with newsletters is to continue to make the automation process run more smoothly. Longer term, they want to figure out where it makes sense to create additional newsletters and also how to further optimize their current selection. Kristi Waite, a Seattle Times product manager, said: “We’re trying to make it feel as much as someone as coming to your door and handing you a newsletter as possible.”

Read the whole article by the Lenfest Institute’s here.

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