Check out the news from different perspectives with this app


The story of a missing family member in the warzone of Ukraine is told by a stolen printer.

Visual silence

This project deletes all context of images and even of words. It tells the story by using sounds
AWARD WINNER 2016: most potential

News Bricks

Newsbricks is an app where news stories are split up in 5 facts, unlock them and know the whole story
AWARD WINNER 2016: best experiment


Carry a conversation with 5 refugees to learn more about their experiences

Why should I care

Takes complex stories and turn them into easily digestible, interactive pieces

Crowd Control

Be a police officer for a day and make decisions about how you deal with protesters


Multiplayer VR cardboard game were you can turn your world upside down

Want to be a refugee?

Invasion is a game where you can experience to what it is like to flee your own country.

Story of Lon

The story of Lon is an app/interactive environment where we tell the story of Lon


Take out the control of the journalist and search for news your own way

Be the president today

This interactive project lets you step into the shoes of the president of Azerbaijan