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Welcome brave adventurer,

The internet can be a powerful tool in your hands. Web technology and the possibilities of online storytelling are more important than ever before. It is crucial for journalists to stay influential in this digital era. Interested in a free strategy session? Scroll to the end of the page.

Get inspired:

Workshop tools:

Video // photo:
Thinglink: Make interactive pictures, videos or VR productions. In every production, you can add different ‘call-to-action’ buttons to make it interactive.
Wirewax: Just upload a video and Wirewax will recognise tags. You decide if you want to activate them or ignore them. Engage your users directly.

TimelineJS: Timeline tool in which you can process dates and happenings from spreadsheets. Easy to share and embed on your own websites or other mediums.
StorymapJS: Navigational storymapping around the globe. This tool helps to tell chronological geographical stories with photo, text, and video.
Infogr.am: Make charts and infographics by uploading data, customise it and share or embed it. Choose from all kinds of chart types.

Steller: An app you can use to tell a story on social media through photo’s, videos and text. Put them together and post your story.
Sway: Very easy to use for building a one-pager. Upload video, text, audio, tweets, etc. It’s easy to embed in several (mobile) websites.
Spark: Like Sway a very easy to use tool for building a one-pager. But is has more design possibilities. You can also make animated videos and social graphics.

Most important tools:
– Your own brain and creativity

Free Strategy Session:

“Did you say free?” Yes, we did.
“Tell me why? I’m a little suspicious when you say … free. ”

We have two reasons.
Number 1: a majority of the organizations who do a strategy session with us, become a client. So, it makes sense from a business point of view.
If that’s not the case then reason number 2 applies: karma points. It’s our mission to empower journalism and if we can help you with a free session our karma score goes up. In all scenarios it is a win-win situation.

We give away 5 sessions (30 to 60 minutes by phone) this quarter. Send an email to strategy@hackastory.com